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Introduction to Instruction Pages

On the following pages are presented some detailed instructions for the construction of these models:-

LYS1       Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway

LYS2      Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Passenger Train

GWS1     Great Western Railway 48xx Class and Autotrain 

GWS2    Great Western Railway 54xx Class and B Set

GWS3    Great Western Railway 45xx Class and Goods Train

GCS1      Great Central Railway Passenger Train

GCS2     Great Central Railway Goods Train

SECS1     South Eastern and Chatham Railway Passenger Train

SECS2   South Eastern and Chatham Railway Goods Train


The first set is LYS1, the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway goods train.

The first part of this model, the loco coal wagon, is explained in full detail. Instructions for subsequent models and for other sets are mainly less detailed where similar construction has already been covered. The aim is to make sure that any new techniques or peculiarities are explained for each model without going over the same ground too much.

Please contact if you feel that there is inadequate information.

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