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Set SECS2– South Eastern & Chatham Railway goods train.

The models can be displayed mounted on a track base made from seven of the track sections, alternatively use in conjunction with items from set SECS1/SECS2 for a double track display.

Souh Eastern & Chatham Railway Wainwright C class 0-6-0 .

Photos to follow.

The construction of this model is very similar to the tender engines in sets LYS1 and GCS2.

The only feature that is not common to the other two locomotives is the Westinghouse Brake pump, which is positioned on the right-hand side of the boiler, as viewed from the cab, just in front of the middle splasher.

Make up the chassis block and cut out the footplate and the wheels and framing.

Attach these to the block.

Add the valances below the footplate.

Make up the cab with its backhead layer and roof.

If cutting out the windows cut them after sticking the two layers together but while still flat.

Make up the firebox, boiler and smokebox, fit them together and then fix in place on the footplate against the cab.

The smoke box sits inside the extra side and front pieces..

Add the chimney and dome and safety valve seat; they can be from the parts provided or from wood or plastic turned or filed to shape.

Add the wheel splashers and the Westinghouse brake pump.

The tender has its own chassis, footplate and wheel parts. In addition there are outside frames that fit outside the wheels.

The tender body is made up as an open box with a slight flare at the top, below the coal rails.

The coal load and water tank top is formed as another open box that fits down inside. 

There are separate pieces for the tender front, which folds out in front to form a level footplate, and the cross plates which fit across the tender top.

The valances are fited as for the loco valances.

After this, the steps and other small parts, such as couplings, buffers etc. can be added.

Finish by colouring any white card edges to blend in.

Souh Eastern & Chatham Railway Wainwright 6-wheel Brake Van and train of vans and open wagons .

The construction of the goods train vehicle models follows the priciples of construction used in sets LYS1, GWS3 and GCS2.

The only feature that is new is that the higher ended open wagon has interior layers that can be cut to fit inside the wagon, both for strength and to provide interior detail. 

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