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Set GWS1 – Great Western Railway 48xx class and Autotrain.

The models can be displayed mounted on a track base made from four of the track sections, alternatively use in conjunction with items from set GWS2/GWS3 for a double track display.

Great Western Railway 48xx class 0-4-2T.

Great Western Railway 48xx class 0-4-2T.

This locomotive is built in a similar manner to the Aspinall 2-4-2T as detailed on the LYS1 page.

There are outside frames to be added outside the rear wheels and axlebox covers to add to these.

Add the sanding boxes where shown, making the front ones from wood.

The side tanks and cab assembly, with its inner extra layer showing the firebox backhead and cab floor is all in one piece in this model.

Note that the rear windows have vertical protective bars across them. Make up the firebox, boiler and smokebox with smokebox saddle as a unit before adding to the model.

Add the two splashers and the toolboxes that are positioned outside them.

Add the boiler fittings etc.

Further detailing such as separate handrails, lamp irons, tank vents etc. can be fitted as desired.


Great Western Railway Autocoach.

This is similar in construction to the coaches as detailed on page LYS2, but has a recessed door on each side.

Cut out the coach body, and cut out the two areas marked with “X”.

Cut out the additional doors and fit them behind the openings before folding up the body.

Note that the ends are angled not curved. 

Matches are better than the usual cocktail sticks for the buffers on this model as they are square in cross section.

Add the gong above the driving position at the coach end.


You can add ventilators to the roof using wood and you could model the steps for the centre doors in their extended position.

They were designed to be extendable for use at lower than normal platforms.

Add extra detail such as handrails as desired.

With the autotrains the locomotive did not need to run round the train when reversing direction as the locomotive could be driven from the coach.

Up to four coaches could be coupled to a locomotive, though one or two were usual. The first would be coupled to the bunker end of the loco and a second more usually behind this but I have seen one at each end.

I have never seen a photo of three autocoaches but four are arranged two at each end.

The driver position with the gong is always facing away from the loco.

44’6” Straight track.

The track comes as six 44 foot 6 inch panels with rail overlays to be added on top. Four sections are enough to mount the train upon.

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