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Links to other sites.

Here are some links to some card model sites. Some of these have models for sale and some have some free downloads of models.

The World of Micromodels site is full of all the information available about Micromodels and their derivatives. It is maintained by Bas Poolen and will take you on  journey of discovery by following the knowledge there and its links to still other sites.

The site of the USA company that has been carrying on with the design of new models under the Micromodels name.

Marcle Models sell various card model kits including some original Micromodels.

A website devoted to all kinds of paper models. There are separate forums (fora?) for different subjects including Railway related builds, there is even a thread on Millimodels!

An interesting site with many links to all sorts of paper model sites.

A site for ship lovers. Some free downloads of ship models and some accessories as well as models for sale.

Another website for discussion of models, paper, plastic and other media.

A german language website, which also has English translation, covering paper modelling.

Now some links to sites that have information on some of the prototypes that I have modelled.

The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society. The society most likely to know the answer to any question you have about the L&YR.

Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Trust is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation which owns a unique collection of steam locomotives and carriages previously owned by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway.

The Great Western Society. The society with a huge collection of GWR locos, rolling stock and much more besides. If it no longer exists they will try to arrange for a replica to be made, even locomotives!

The Historical Model Railway Society. This society has an active membership with vast resources of archive material.

The UK Preserved Railway Stock List. Keeps a record (with photos) of all known UK rolling stock that is preserved, some of it not in a very good state!

And for an example of high fidelity modelling:-

Pendon Museum at Long Wittenham near Didcot, yes they are models, take a long look at this.

Small Title

To see what other things I do in my "spare time".

My folk music trio, we are each solo performers who have come together to pool our talents and present traditional, contemporary and self-penned material.

My past albums are available here to download, in full and as individual tracks.

My ebook on my approach to playing the Anglo Concertina, that most English of musical instruments.

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