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Set GWS2 – Great Western Railway 54xx and B set.

The models can be displayed mounted on a track base made from four of the track sections, alternatively use in conjunction with items from set GWS1/GWS3 for a double track display.

Great Western Railway 54xx class 0-6-0PT .


This loco has a separate cab assembly.

The tank sides and boiler etc. are all in one piece with separate ends.

It is best formed around a block of wood shaped the same profile as the ends. 

Note that the boiler continues underneath between the tanks, showing daylight above the footplate and that the smokebox and firebox support this unit.

Add the smokebox door and add the assembly to the footplate in front of the cab.

Add the firebox top piece. 

Add the injectors at each side of the firebox below the tanks.

Make the four splashers and two half splashers and add them. There are tank supports that fit in front of the front splashers and rear tank supports that fit behind the middle wheels.

Add the injector overlays on either side of the firebox. 

Add the boiler fittings etc. Further detailing such as separate handrails, lamp irons etc. can be fitted as desired.


Great Western Railway B set coach.

This is a simple coach and has no added complications.

The coaches are coupled with the luggage compartments arranged outwards.

The buffers at the inner ends are shorter.

The B set design evolved over several batches of coaches until the layout shown here.

An earlier design had the first class compartments at the inner ends, but was changed due to complaints of noisy riding from first class passengers.


If a longer train was required an extra coach would be added at one end or two sets coupled together.

There were four coach sets of a different design for use where this capacity was expected.

44’6” Straight track.

As for GWS1, the track comes as six 44 foot 6 inch panels with rail overlays to be added on top.

Four sections are enough to mount the train upon.

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