• Robin Madge

A new era for Millimodels.

27th May 2020.Welcome to the Millimodels Blog. Sitting here in coronavirus lockdown I have finally got round to setting up my new website and here I am exploring what I can do with a blog.

I have recently started selling my 8th Millimodel, set SEC1 South Eastern & Chatham Railway passenger set which has some extra detailed parts, such as couplings and steam and vacuum pipes. Some may think that this is just too fine a detail to cope with, but at least they have the choice now!

The website is now populated, but may have some content changed and some more added in the near future. I would like to add some information about the prototypes and also more about the history of Micromodels, however the World of Micromodels site run by Bas Poolen says just about everything there is to say on that subject already. If you have not seen it take a look.

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