• Robin Madge

Some display options.

3rd June 2020. I have some photos on the gallery page that show ways that I have used for displaying models. Ferrero Rocher chocolate boxes come in several different sizes and can be used in varying ways. I have shown a taller, squarer one being used to display a Modelcraft rocket set and a larger, flatter one to hold several individual locos.

On my wall I have three modified picture frames. They started out as 3D picture frames, about 12mm deep, from “The Range”. This was not deep enough so I removed the spacer frame and made a deeper one from strips of plywood with shelves attached, using the old back, and covering the new pieces with fabric. I put small eye-hooks in the outside of the frame and a wire connects these to suspend the picture frame on the wall, trapping the frame and back against the wall while making it easy to change the display. This gave me somewhere big enough to display my complete train models, though not the Micromodel Breakdown train; it is just too long. It should be possible to adapt other picture frames to work in the same way.

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